New, innovative methods and techniques experimented in unit micro-production

- Research regarding active parts manufacturing of injection moulds, small landmarks (millimetre level), on 3D raving machines
  of the Grafograf type; mould execution in virtual organization concept
  Beneficiary: HELLER-JOUSTRA and DELALANDE France

- Designing, assessment and redesigning under international completion conditions, using the DFMA - Design for Assembly and
  Manufacturing - method and techniques, the vinci/ cabestan equipment with geoseismic use
  Beneficiary: VIBROMETRIC Oy, Finland

-  Optimised design and execution of the access and blocking mechanism for stellate turnstiles

- LabWIEW and SolidWorks language and techniques experimentation in stands optimised design for optical equipment trials
  Beneficiary: MApN, OPTOELECTRONICS 2001 S.A.