Medical research and medical IT studies and equipment

- Equipment for bone-integration degree characterization of dental endo-bone implants
  RELANSIN Program, UMF Carol Davila

- Research concerning the use of metallic biomaterials in clinical conservatory elective methods development
  VIASAN Program, UMF Carol Davila

- Amelioration of the diagnosis for patients with severe active digestive haemorrhage by means of interventional endoscopic treatment
  VIASAN Program, Floreasca Emergency Clinical Hospital

- Optimization of high performance medical techniques use while taking care of critical patients
  VIASAN Program, Floreasca Emergency Clinical Hospital

- HLA genotyping aspects for the patients with liver transplant, inter-relation between cellular immunity, virological diagnosis, sun
  immunity therapy and chronic and severe rejection phenomena
  VIASAN Program, Fundeni Clinical Institute

- Neuropsychological changes induced by drug abuse in children and teenagers
  VIASAN Program, Gr. Alexandrescu Children Clinical Hospital

- Biological systems diagnosis models
  VIASAN Program, Victor Babes INCD

- Mixed medical equipment systems - kits for endo-prosthetic application
  Beneficiary: MApN

- Research regarding medical containers manufacturing, for the cryogenic environments from blood plasma banks
  Beneficiary: Victor Babes Diagnosis Centre

- Technologic demonstrator for 3D manufacturing of non-standardized protean elements from biocompatible materials: stainless steel, titanium alloy
  Beneficiary: MApN

- Multisensory system for field individual monitoring of the vital parameters of the fighter situated in the tactic field
  Beneficiary: MApN

- Mechanical-hydraulic equipment for driving capabilities development
  Beneficiary: MApN

- Mobile equipment, contained for maxilla-facial multiple trauma
  Beneficiary: MApN
- Research regarding new biocompatible and non-absorbable membrane systems
  Beneficiary: VIASAN Program, Victor Babes INCD

- New methods for the distraction of alveolar crest bone in protean implants therapy
  Beneficiary: VIASAN Program, Victor Babes INCD

- Microsurgical systems development for tissue prosthetics and implantology
  Beneficiary: VIASAN Program, Victor Babes INCD